Pay-as-you-go car insurance -- is it good-to-go for you?
Pay-as-you-go car insurance offers potential savings on your auto coverage -- but only if you're a very safe driver who doesn't rack up many miles.

Road Trip Tips
The road trip is an American tradition. With gas prices increasing, drivers need get the most out of their gas mileage.

Rental Cars and Acts of Nature - What's the Cost?
Check carefully when you rent a car - you might be liable for the costs of repairs if nature turns nasty.

Latest News

June 2, 2009

Average annual auto insurance rates held steady in May 2009 at $1,871.

May 6, 2009

SmartMoney.com writer AnnaMaria Andriotis offers tips on how to save on different types of insurance rates.

May 5, 2009

Research shows that the average teen auto insurance rates are $2,171 a year.

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