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Press Releases

March 13, 2006

Insurance.com runs national television advertising campaign.

CLEVELAND, OH - March 13, 2006 - Insurance.com, owned and operated by ComparisonMarket, Inc., is currently running a national television advertising campaign on cable television. Two thirty second commercials created by Pickett Advertising illustrate, using humor and action, how consumers can benefit from comparison shopping for auto insurance at Insurance.com.

One commercial features a group of insurance agents competing in a triathlon, fully clothed in business suits as they emerge wet and dripping from the ocean onto a beach. Frantically trying to provide the most competitive auto insurance rates while balancing on a bicycle, and finally crossing the finish line in triumph, yet only one will be the company picked by the consumer. The other commercial shows insurance agents on a remote tropical island, competing in tasks and challenges, all trying to provide the best auto insurance rate for the consumer.

Both commercials end with the same tagline- "May The Best Quote Win!"

"What that really means," commented Dave Roush, CEO of ComparisonMarket, "is when the nation's top auto insurance companies are brought together to compete for your business, you stand a good chance of finding the rate and coverage that's best for you. That means you win."

According to Insurance.com`s recently released 2005 Auto Insurance Pricing Report, 27 states experienced an increase in their auto insurance rates from 2004 to 2005. One of the highest increases was in North Dakota, where drivers saw a 15.7% increase in their auto insurance premiums in 2005. However, many of the nation`s largest states actually saw their rates decrease. Pennsylvania drivers experienced a 9.7% decrease and New Yorkers experienced a 3.4% decrease in their rates from 2004.

"Auto insurance rates change all the time," Roush confirmed, "so just by comparing rates from top insurance companies, consumers could save hundreds of dollars each year. In fact, our customers have saved an average of $451 a year on their auto insurance. That`s a lot of gas money."

The 30 second clips were produced for Insurance.com by Pickett Advertising of San Francisco.

About ComparisonMarket
ComparisonMarket, Inc., based in Solon, Ohio, owns and operates Insurance.com. The Insurance.com website enables consumers to instantly compare and buy competitive auto insurance quotes directly from any of more than a dozen leading insurance companies. When ready to purchase, users have the option of completing the transaction online or talking directly to an unbiased licensed agent. Other products include life, health and home insurance as well as travel, dental and pet health insurance.

In addition to Insurance.com, ComparisonMarket provides private labeled solutions to financial institutions, affinity groups and online marketplaces to offer their customers real choice and savings opportunities on auto insurance.

About Pickett Advertising
The campaign was developed and produced by Pickett Advertising. Pickett is an independent, full service agency based in San Francisco that works across a number of categories including retail, financial services, sports and event marketing.

Dave Roush, CEO