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Facts And Figures

Sometimes you just want to know the truth behind driving and auto insurance. Check out our lists and tips, and discover some interesting facts and figures about driving and insurance.

Road Trip Tips

The road trip is an American tradition. With gas prices increasing, drivers need get the most out of their gas mileage.
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Holiday Shopping Season Driving Tips

Before you hop in your car and drive to the nearest mall, you may want to check out our Holiday Shopping Car Safety Tips � it just might make the difference between a happy holiday season and a disastrous one.

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The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's 2007 Top Car Safety Picks

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's Top Car Safety Picks for 2007 had tougher than usual standards - this year's winners had to offer electronic stability control as an option, in addition to passing the Institute's standard car safety criteria.

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Baby Boomer Drivers Will Increase the Number of Senior Drivers

By 2030, more than 40 million aging baby boomers will be flooding American's streets and highways as senior drivers. For some people, this is a scary thought because senior citizens and teenagers have the highest rate of auto accidents in the United States. For others, it is merely something to plan for, including baby boomers whose auto insurance premiums may increase when they become senior drivers.
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Does Your Occupation Affect Your Auto Insurance Rate?

Think your occupation does not affect your auto insurance rate � think again! In Insurance.com's 2006 Occupation Report, results show that your occupation can greatly impact your car insurance premium.

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ComparisonMarket Presents List of Top Fuel Efficient New Cars for 2007

If you're shopping for a new car right now, you'll find that it's like being in a toy shop at Christmas - so many new vehicles, all sorts of colors and features - it's hard to choose the right car at the right price. One particular feature you might want to consider in the �Car Class of 2007' is how fuel efficient they are.
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Do Men File More Auto Insurance Claims Than Women?

Some people (mostly men) think that men make better drivers than women. Is this actually true? Are men really better?
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Does Car Color Reflect Personality and Car Insurance Prices?

Is it really true that people with red cars get more speeding tickets than those with green cars? Do insurance companies really determine your premiums based upon the color of your car? Are the chances of an accident really increased by certain colors? Does the color of your car indicate something about your personality?

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10 Tips to Save on Auto Insurance

How can you lower your auto premiums and save money? It's easy, and here are 10 tips that can help.

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Dependable Cars - The Best & Worst

Buying a car is expensive, so you'll want to make sure you're getting a reliable vehicle for many years to come.
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Most Stolen Cars

How attractive is your car to thieves? Is it in demand? You might be surprised to see which automobiles thieves are going for.

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A Few Things You Should Know about Auto Insurance

Just a few recommendations that could help you figure out some of the more complicated issues when you're shopping for auto insurance.

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