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Your Family And Insurance

Nothing is more important to you than your family. Find out how your driving and your auto insurance affects your loved ones.

Resolution to get Finances in Order for College Students

Once the ball has dropped and the celebrations have come to a close, the New Year's Resolutions start rolling in. These resolutions include losing weight, giving up smoking and studying more. Getting finances in order is a resolution many college students should also have at the top of their New Year's resolution list as well!
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Keep Safe This Halloween - Some Tips For Parents, Drivers and Homeowners

This Halloween will be like many others - filled with festive costumes, glowing jack-o-lanterns and children running door-to-door yelling trick-or-treat.
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Get Ready for Tailgating Season

Now that football season has started, for some it can only mean one thing � it's tailgating season. For many fans, Tailgating isn't just a social event, it is a precise and coordinated experience.
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Driving Tips for New College Students

Your teen is getting ready for college � but will they be ready to handle driving on campus?

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Safety Tips for Teen Drivers

If you're like many parents, the thought of your teenager getting behind the wheel of a car may scare you � and there is evidence that it should. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), 16-year olds are 10 times more likely to get into accidents than drivers between the ages of 30 and 59.

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Car Safety with Young Children

With a new baby come many new responsibilities and many new distractions while driving. Spills, spit ups and crying can cause parents to lose their concentration while driving � potentially putting themselves, their family and other drivers in harm's way.

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How to Lower Teens Auto Insurance Premiums

For many teenagers, a driver's license represents a rite of passage, and some newly found independence. It's the beginning of a life without having to depend upon their parents� until they find out how much auto insurance is going to cost. Then being on Mom and Dad's policy doesn't seem so embarrassing!

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Teenagers & Insurance

Insuring a teenager can be expensive. Most insurance companies consider under-25s to be a high risk. Find out what your options are, and how to keep your premium low.

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Car Insurance & Teens - When is the Right Time?

Got teenage children? Eventually you'll need to ask yourself the question, �when should I buy car insurance for my son or daughter who is old enough to drive?"
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Kids, Pizza and Auto Insurance. What's the Story?

Make sure you check with your insurance company before your child uses your car for their part-time job.
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